Committed to social responsibility for the long-term

Sustainability and reliability are the basis of our success. Opportunity International Deutschland (OID) shares the same values. That’s why we are a proud sponsor and partner of the OID campaign “Ausbilder in Afrika” (Trainers in Africa).

Education is the key to a self-determined life

Education is the key to everything: personal development, independence, a self-determined life, not to mention professional success. That’s why RR TEAM is pleased to support a project with a long-term, sustainable vision.

As a sponsor and partner, we support the charitable organisation Opportunity International Deutschland (OID) with its project “Ausbilder in Afrika”.

New opportunities for people in Ghana

“Ausbilder in Afrika” aims to provide young people in Ghana with new perspectives. Training in the trades including a final state-certified exam and quality control forms the basis for this. In this way, Opportunity International Deutschland has, for many years, helped to improve future opportunities for disadvantaged young people in West Africa. During the course of state-approved, three-year training, young people receive personal support – a first for many – as well as health insurance.

The project “Ausbilder in Afrika” has been very successful for years and is organised by Opportunity International Deutschland as well as their partner organisation Sinapi on location in Ghana. The partnership between RR TEAM and Opportunity International Deutschland takes a long-term approach emphasising our global, social responsibility. You can also read extensive information on the successful development project on the OID website.

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