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High time and cost pressure, digitalisation requirements, growing competition in the area of e-commerce: The tyre business faces a variety of challenges.

We think ahead, which is why today we are working on strategies and solutions to keep your car dealership competitive today and tomorrow.

Innovative marketing ideas increase customer satisfaction, the efficiency of your company, sales and, when all is said and done, your overall success.

Pit stop: New ideas for your tyre service

Why not offer your customers more: More service, more quality, genuine added-value. It doesn’t have to cost more – on the contrary: With our marketing and customer loyalty instruments, you can boost your sales without having to increase your costs at the same time.

The best example of this is the “pit stop“, our sophisticated and proven concept for the seasonal tyre fitting service. At tyre specialists, peak times during the season tend to be more of a nuisance, which are handled inefficiently and end up tying up capacities unnecessarily.

Our pit stop concept shows that this doesn’t have to be this way: We transform seasonal tyre changes into a genuine event that contributes to your success and effectively builds customer loyalty.

A tyre change becomes an event – all the advantages

The pit stop concept offers a variety of advantages:

  • Central time frame for tyre changes take the burden off your business.

  • Personnel capacities can be planned better and as a result, more efficiently.

  • This ensures that your resources are utilised more effectively, thereby boosting your overall business success.

  • At the same time, you have more capacity for higher quality orders.

  • The hospitality and accompanying programme transform a routine tyre change into an experience for your customers.

  • Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty increase markedly.

  • With the simultaneous vehicle check, you can tap potential for further orders.

You can also use the pit stop to supercharge your success. We’re happy to answer any further questions directly via contact; we’re also happy to share further impressions with you…

All-season tyres:
Recognising challenges as opportunities

Based on past experience, you know all too well: In many cases, the issue of all-season tyres is often inevitable. But how should customer inquiries be dealt with?

We also offer you expert assistance here as well. RR TEAM has addressed this topic and published a list of all the pros and cons for you in a study together with the Autohaus Verlag.

Based on the key question of “How important is a braking distance of seven metres to you?”, we have summarised decisive arguments in favour of professional consultation of your customers. Would you like to learn more? Write us if you’re interested in learning more about the study. We’re happy to assist you.

From the tyre guarantee up to and including a presentation at the POS: Strong concepts for local commerce

Our Business Development team is always coming up with new concepts and ideas for improving your customer care. Here are three of many examples:

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